About Shawn Fitzmaurice

Don’t you know about the nerd?

I’m a friendly and confident guy, and so as voice talent my reads are that of an approachable expert; perfect for your e-learnng, instructional, or educational script. I also excel at industrial and corporate narrations, whether b2b or b2c. 

I am an educational STEM / science podcast host and producer. With a degree in Geology and Integrated Science, and 25 years working in Science Museums… I can say big words. Industrial, technical, and medical scripts are my favorite jobs. 

Having been an IMAX Large Format film projection system technician made me a gear-geek, obsessed with performance quality. I pass that on to my clients too.

Voiceover as a profession is the result of a crazy, curious and convoluted life with countless adventures. I enrich your project because I pull from real-world experience to relate to your script. I’m a husband, a father of four, an alpha to two dogs and a beta (at best) to two cats. I’ve visited 47 states, lived on both sides of the Mason-Dixon, and both sides of The Atlantic… I’ve seen things…

When you hire me, you are hiring experience and commitment. I take care of my clients. If they succeed, I succeed. 

Now what are you waiting for? Get in touch for a consultation!

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