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I really enjoyed voicing this video for Surge Bright.

Distal Interphalangeal Joint Fusion Surgery with the human Bone-Screw Shark Screw®

From their web site: Shark Screw® is the world's first working human bone screw graft. It allows bone fragments to be securely and stably connected without the use of metal. Due to its material properties, the Shark Screw® graft has already grown through the cells and the body's own tissue after six weeks.

From their YouTube Page: Distal Interphalangeal (DIP) Joint Fusion Surgery with the human Bone-Screw Shark Screw® This video demonstrates how arthrodesis is performed on the DIP (Distal Interphalangeal) Joint. The surgery is performed by Dr. Klaus Pastl using the Shark Screw® allograft. Shark Screw® is the worlds first fully functioning allogeneic bone screw. Due to its materalistic properties, Shark Screw® is accepted by the patients body and offeres more surface area for the bones to heal and cells to attach. It enables the fusion of bones without the need of metal implants and eliminates the need for a second metal removal surgery. More videos about Shark Screw® and surgebright: Get in contact with us: Website: Facebook: Twitter:


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