Why Should I Hire a Professional Voiceover Artist for my Video?

I’m not a fan of reality TV, but my wife has enjoyed shows like So you Think you Can Dance and American Idol. On occasion I’d sit and watch. What captured me was always the audition process. I was drawn to the contestants who were so sure that they were at the top of their game. It didn’t take a Simon Cowell to tell the world that this guy or girl not only doesn’t have a clue, but doesn’t know that they don’t have a clue.

These contestants were victims of friends and family protecting their feelings. They were told they were “AWESOME !”, and they never bothered seeking training or coaching. My question:

How many of these people would have spared themselves national embarrassment if they had had professional training? They would have been far better singers or dancers, or would have the sense to know that they couldn’t compete on a national level.

Many of us learn the hard way that we are not skilled at doing everything. Often we don’t realize that there is so much we don’t know about what we are trying to do. That was clear when I built my “amazing” web site. My friends were willing to tell me “that’s cool, Shawn”, but when I had some friends who were professional business people and webmasters look at, let’s just say “the silence was deafening”. It wasn’t until I paid a pro to help with marketing that I was clued into what a mess it was, and how much business I was likely losing.

When you create a video to market your business, you may be tempted to voice it yourself, or have someone in your office do it. After all, you know how to talk. You have a little microphone on your computer. You can do this! Well, sure you can, and you might know a LOT about it; Just like the contestant "Sex" knew all about dancing. Tina Fey says “dance like nobody's watching.” But when the world is watching, you best be sure you know how to dance!

Your marketing video, if it’s good, will keep people on your web site, and increase sales. You know this, That’s why you’re having it done! But the voiceover is just as important as the visual.

A quality VO artist knows how to gauge the content, and increase a sense of interest and level of excitement. Your message may be amazing, but if your voice over doesn’t deliver, the impact of your message can be lost, or worse, the poor quality of the VO may distract your viewers entirely.

Professional voice-over artists are trained, experienced and well-prepared. They have their own professional studio, or easy access to one. They have the ability sound the way you need them to, like sounding natural and cheery when reading about something as boring as inventory investment.

Most importantly, a professional voiceover artist adds authority and credibility to your message. They are trained for this. They will be far more convincing than Joe from Accounting. Even IF he’s a fun guy.

Professional voice-over actors are trained to communicate accurate messages to an audience with a clear call-to-action. A pleasant and confident voice helps improve the image of your brand and brings in a higher return on investment through video marketing.

Shawn Fitzmaurice http://voiceovernerd.com


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